[Patch Notes] League of Angels Version Update 10/26


With Halloween just around the corner, League of Angels has prepared a ghoulish selection of items for the new update. Come and take a look if you dare!

Update Time: Oct. 26th
New Version: V3.90

New Event:
Limited Gift Pack

New Angel:
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New Sylph:
Dragon Consort
Even the most feared dragons bow to her will.
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New Mount:
Bloodthirsty Crow
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New Clothing:
Bloodthirsty Costume
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New Fairy:
Ruby Penguin
He is a cute penguin with a ruby crown. This little critter possesses great power under his adorable exterior.
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New Angel in Angel Awakening System:

New Item:
1. Yummy Eyeball Candy
2. Jasper The Unfriendly Ghost
Halloween is just around the corner and the preparations have begun. Get started by collecting Yummy Eyeball Candy and Jasper The Unfriendly Ghost from Elemental Zone and Hot Events, which can be used in related events to exchange for rewards.
3. Halloween Warm-up Chest
Found in Hot Events during event time. 

New Homestead Components and Blueprint:
Halloween-themed components and blueprint
Including Trick Or Treat Lollipop, Vampire Bat, Haunted House, Skull, Black Cat, Witch's Hat and Creepy Creepy Spider.
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1. Optimized Horse Treasure for a more enjoyable player experience. 

2. Add a new loading picture in celebration of Halloween. 
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